Most affordable Cuban cigars

Robin Yep October 3, 2014
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Well, you can say that Cuban cigars are divided in extremely expensive Cuban cigars and extremely cheap cuban cigars. Now, is it true that the most expensive cigars are actually the finest ones? Is it true that the cheapest Cuban cigars are actually the worst cigars? The answer for the both questions is no some times depend about Handmade cuban cigars vs machine made cuban cigars. Indeed, the most expensive Cuban cigars are usually composed from those special or limited editions. They are made from highly qualitative tobacco, often matured for more than a couple of years and so on. However, this does not mean that they have lots of flavors, they are extremely tasty or well- rolled. There are lots of very expensive cigars that disappoint the smokers through their low quality and lack of flavors.
In the meantime, there are very cheap cigars that are actually impressive as consistency, strength, bouquet of flavors and so what do you need when going in a trip is maybe a cheap cigars. Of course, there are exceptions, but not for all the cigars. During my “career” as a smoker I have tasted many Cuban vitolas. Some of them were purchased at expensive costs and I was disappointed. However, I’ve also smoked several cheap Cuban cigars that impressed me deeply. They were filled with flavors, spectacular and tasty flavors. Despite their price they had enough quality to make me think that they were more than cash worthy. So, I want to share the names of those cigars with you as I know how difficult it is to discover a good cigar at a reasonable price.
In the first place, I will offer you details about the finest and cheapest brands that exist on the market Limited and Regional Editions of Cuban cigars. Their cigars are sold globally, so it should not be an issue purchasing them. Also, the cigars are quite famous and they have many fans scattered in the world. It is impossible for a passionate of Cuban cigars not to have heard about brands as Partagas, Montecristo or Cohiba. While these brands have some of the most expensive cigars released on the market, they also have some of the cheapest cigars released. From each brand mentioned above, I shall mention a certain vitola. Those vitolas are the ones that I consider to be the cheapest and the most qualitative ones.
Partagas Shorts for example can be purchased for less than $200 this is oe of the accessories that a passionate of Cuban cigars should have. They come in a cabinet of 50 pieces. If you let them age for a couple of years, these Cuban cigars will offer you the finest surprise from your life. They are extremely tasty and filled with flavors. They are great cigars.
Cohiba Esplendidos are superb cigars. They don’t cost more than $150. You can purchase a full box with this cash. They are extremely tasty cigars that can offer to a smoker a pleasant experience. Pair them with a fine drink and you will not need anything else.
Montecristo Robustos Edicion Limitada 2001 cigars are also cheap despite being a special release. As the line mentioned above, these ones can be purchased from $150. The taste of these cigars is incredible and extremely satisfying.

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