How the age is improving a cuban cigar?

Robin Yep July 31, 2014
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Everyone knows that before rolling the cigars the tobacco leaves are aged. Have you ever wondered why? I mean, why should we wait so long for enjoying a cigar? What is the problem? Well, actually there are quite some problems with the young tobacco leaves that were barely harvested.
In the first place, the tobacco leaves are left at fermentation and only after this process is finished they are left for aging. For the process of aging are usually used palm- tree leaves. Within them, the fermented leaves are putted together. They must stay at a temperature of 18 or 19 Celsius degreases. Also, the palm- tree leaves are used for offering to the tobacco leaves some new flavors. The aging process is a very slow one that can go up to 5- 6 years. During this time the microorganisms from the leaves will simply ruin the oxygen from the molecular chains.
Also, this process is extremely important for enriching the range of flavors and their intensity. When barely harvested tobacco leaves are subjected to the fermentation process they are enriching their natural aromas. Once they are subjected to the aging process the already enriched aromas will enter even in chemical reactions that will eventually lead to an even richer and intensified range of flavors.
Also, there is something named tannins that help at the protection of aromas through destroying the microorganisms that attack the aromas of the tobacco leaves. However, these substances have a short lifetime of only 5 to 6 years. They cannot protect the aromas substances for longer, so this is why the recommended process of aging is so short.
Yet, lately there are more and more aficionados. This means that the cigars are more sought on the market. This thing should be a good one, but it is not. It is actually decreasing majorly the aging time that the manufacturers can allow to the tobacco leaves. If so for the leaves were left for aging at least 5 years, now they are not left for more than a half of year. Fortunately, this thing does not apply to the limited editions, where the cigars released have usually at least 3 years old.
Usually, when you are purchasing cigars the seller is telling you to let them stored in your humidor for at least a couple of years. However, if you are a patients person you can let them age even more, up to 5 years. This is the only way through which you can obtain the real and the finest qualities of cigars.
So, now you know why the aging can improve a cigar? Well, you can easily notice and differentiate a young cigar by an old one. A young cigar will never show friendship to your palate, and its taste and color is quite desirable. However, on the other hand, an old cigar will offer you the most spectacular appearance and the most delicious flavors that you’ve ever tasted.

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