Where Are The Best Cuban Cigars Made?

Robin Yep July 22, 2014
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Countries all over the world make Cuban Cigars and grow cigar tobacco. Cigar tobacco is not the same as cigarette tobacco, and it comes in many flavors. Cigar tobacco is flavorful, and it can help you relax after a very long day. You may find that you like a cigar from one country, but not a cigar from a neighboring country just based on how the tobacco is grown, and how you like the taste. Cuban Cigars are a unique indulgence, but you want to make sure you find the cigar that is best for you. That will allow you to enjoy the cigar even more.
Currently, the majority of cigar tobacco comes from a few countries, these countries are, in no significant order:
– Brazil
– Cameroon
– Dominican Republic
– Honduras
– Indonesia
– Mexico
– Nicaragua
– Philippines
– Puerto Rico
– Canary Islands
– Italy
– Eastern United States
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Nearly all Cuban Cigars come from two main firms. Altadis produces Cuban Cigars in the United States, the Dominican Republic and Honduras, as well as having a 50 per cent stake in the major cigar company in Cuba. The other main cigar manufacturer in the world is Scandinavian Tobacco Company, which produces Cuban Cigars in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Denmark, the United States and Belgium.
So, if all these countries grow cigar tobacco, where do the best Cuban Cigars come from? If you ask anyone, chances are they are going to say Cuba. The reason for this is that Cuba is the most famous area for making Cuban Cigars, thanks in no small part to the embargo that exists in the United States. Prevent people from getting something, and they will only want it more.
In a recent study done by Cigar Aficionado, they looked at every Cigar Aficionado Top-1o list over the previous five years, capturing the country of origin for each of the top-10 Cuban Cigars listed. In all, there were 49 Cuban Cigars announced.
The top four countries for Cuban Cigars were, in no particular order, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. As for what country had the most top-10 Cuban Cigars, it was not Cuba but actually Nicaragua. In all, 40.8 per cent of the top Cuban Cigars came from Nicaragua. That country had 20 of the top-10 Cuban Cigars in those lists. The next highest came from the Dominican Republic, which had 13 of the top-10 Cuban Cigars in the list, giving the country 26.5 per cent on the list. At third is Cuba, which had 10 of the top-10 Cuban Cigars, and 20.4 per cent of the Cuban Cigars on those lists. Honduras came in fourth, with six of the top-10 Cuban Cigars, and 12.3 per cent of the cigars listed. So, while many consider Cuba to have the top Cuban Cigars in the world, it is actually not the case and the country actually ranks third among major cigar manufacturing countries.

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