The colors of Cuban cigars

Robin Yep August 5, 2014
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Lots of people are taking in consideration the color of a Cuban cigar before purchasing it. This is because the color of a cuban habanos shows its characteristics. Well, believe it or not, but it is true. The color of a cigar depends entirely on the aging period; the treatments used for the tobacco leaves and even by the leaves. You can say the age, the strength and the quality of a cigar only by looking at its color. However, this thing can be done by those who are experienced with cigars.
So, of how many colors the cigars are? There are 7 most popular colors that can be met at a cigar. Those colors are: double claro, claro, Colorado claro, Colorado, Colorado maduro, maduro and oscuro like the brand partagas.
Let’s start with the first color that can be met at a cigar, respectively double claro. The cigars double claro can be differentiated through a light green to yellow shade wrapper. This kind of wrapper it is also known as Candela. A wrapper of this color can be obtained through an easy fast drying process, which is assisted by artificial heat. They don’t use the sunlight warm to dry the tobacco leaves, but another source of warming that will provide a faster drying. The cigars made from these tobacco leaves are usually mild and they have a sweet taste.
The color claro has a light tanned wrapper. This color can be obtained by putting the tobacco leaves in shade tents. The leaves are not left for aging, and they are gathered from the tents before becoming mature and they go through an air drying process. The cigars made from these leaves are also mild as strength, but they are smooth as taste.
Colorado claro can be identified through a light brown to brown color. These wrappers are usually left in the sunlight. The cigars are full- bodied, a bit stronger than the claro cigars, An example is Romeo y Julieta.
Colorado type cigars have a medium brown that goes up to a reddish dark brown color. The cigars with such a color are strong, filled with flavors, robusto. They are shade- grown wrappers.
Colorado maduro is a dark- brown cigar. The cigars with a wrapper that has this color are extremely aromatic and they have a wide range of medium flavors.
Maduro cigars are amid the most appreciated cigars. They are characterized through an extremely dark- brown color that can go up to black. The maduro wrappers are obtained through difficult and long processes of putting the leaves of tobacco into a pressure room or by fermenting the leaves for a longer period of time. The fermentation process can be done only in extremely hot environment. The wrapper of these cigars has often a sweet taste, and the cigars are extremely strong this is the Nicest Choice among Cigars.
Oscuro color characterizes the darkest wrapper, which is almost black and matured for a long time. Usually, these wrappers are obtained by letting the leaves on the plant for a long time than usual. The oscuro colored cigars are full- bodied, and it is a rule that these wrappers to be brought from Brazil, Mexico or Nicaragua.

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