The most common accessories that a passionate of Cuban cigars should have

Robin Yep September 26, 2014
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Having a box filled with some excellent Cuban cigars is not enough if you don’t have the necessary accessories to start smoking them. There are several items that should not miss from a smoker’s inventory when going in a trip or stay in home, no matter what. The items that will be mentioned bellow are crucial for any passionate of cigars. Without them you cannot enjoy a cuban cigar as you will not be able to cut it, you will have no place to put the ash, and you will not have the necessary tool to light the cigar and so on. So, let’s see what kind of accessories should be found in any smoker’s inventory.
The first accessory that should not miss from your home is an air purifier. Think that a cuban cigar is different from a cigarette. It will release more smoke, and the room that you use to enjoy your cigars will be filled with a lot of smoke of some limited and Regional Editions of Cuban cigars. Even if you find it to be very aromatic, other people will not. So, the best thing that you can do is to purify the room using an air purifier.
Ashtray is another important tool that should not miss from the home of a Cuban cigar smoker. You must have something in which you will release the ash from the cigar. There are lots of companies that are producing special ashtrays for cigars. However, you can use a normal one, as well. You will not feel the difference as you will be too busy to enjoy the flavors of the cigars.
Cigar cases are crucial items for those who travel a lot and bring different sizes and shapes of cuban cigars . These items come extremely in handy when you don’t have cigars in tubes. These cases are meant usually for three vitolas. You can put the cigars within them and afterwards you can go in a trip. You will not have to worry that your cigars will be damaged on the road.
Some people bite the cap of the cigar, and afterwards they are smoking the cuban cigar. However, this scene is not extremely tempting. After all, nothing compares with a clean and properly cut of the cap of a cigar. This thing can be done only by using a cutter. On the market, there are lots of companies that are producing cutters. All of them can offer you a clean cut of the cigar so you can enjoy the taste of it as soon as possible.
In case that you are a big fan of Handmade cuban cigars or machine made cuban cigars, and you want to have at handy as many cigars as possible, but you don’t have a place where to keep them means that you need a humidor. This item is a necessary thing for all those smokers that want to put some cigars to go through the process of aging. A humidor will maintain your cigars fresh, ready to be smoked in a few years.
These were some of the most common and useful items that can be found at a Cuban cigars’ smoker.

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