Handmade cuban cigars vs machine made cuban cigars

Robin Yep September 19, 2014
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Well, handmade cigars versus machine made cigars, is a delicate topic. So, for the beginning let’s see what a handmade cigar and what a machine made cigar are.
Handmade cigars are those cigars created totally by hand this are the cuban cigars more Popular. This means that the tobacco leaves are selected by hand. The fillers, the binders and the wrappers are all made by master benders. They are the ones that select the leaves for the three parts of the cuban cigars. After they finish sorting the leaves they send them to the torcedors. These people are skillful and they properly know the technique of rolling cigars. They are the ones capable of creating a cigar.
Now, machine made cigars are created of course with the help of machines. Now, the hands of people are only used for selecting the tobacco leaves. The cutting,select the color of leaves the binding and the rest of the cigar is created with the help of machines.
The differences between handmade and machine made cigars
In the first place, the handmade cigars are made from pure tobacco. In the process of manufacturing handmade cigars is used only tobacco harvested on the plantations. It is impossible to find in handmade vitolas other materials as chemicals, paper or even small pieces of wood.
The process of handmade cigars is longer and a bit more difficult. It is led only by skillful people that know special techniques for manufacturing cuban cigars. For these cigars the wrapper is made only from the most qualitative tobacco leaves. Most of the tobacco is brought from Havana or Cuba some times the Sizes and shapes of cuban cigars are different if do the work wrong.
Not all the handmade cigars are expensive. There are lots of these kinds of cigars that can be bought at very accessible prices.
Machine made cigars contain except tobacco other materials. Due to the machines used for creating the cigars in them you can find different chemicals, paper, and preservatives and so on. So, you never know what you are actually smoking.
The machine made cigars have a different and lighter flavor than those handmade. This means that these cuban cigars are of a lower quality than those that are made by torcedors. After all, in the machine made cigars is not used pure tobacco and as well is not used the finest tobacco. This thing has a major impact over the cuban cigar. Also, the machine made cigars are not that good- looking as the handmade ones. They are not as bright as the others, and the wrapper can look pretty bad sometimes this effect on the Limited and Regional Editions of Cuban cigars.
However, the only thing that attracts the smokers at machine made cigars is the price. These mass produced cigars are usually cheaper than those made by cigars rollers.
As a conclusion, the handmade cuban cigars are better than those produced with the help of machines. The flavors and the quality of these cigars are incomparable. Those who have experience in smoking cigars are able to notice immediately if a cigar was handmade or machine made. They can say this after verifying the wrapper, the flavors and the overall appearance of a cigar.

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