How cuban cigar bands have appeared

Robin Yep August 14, 2014
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Every cigar, except those that are sold on the streets, has one or two bands on it. These bands are made from paper. On them are usually imprinted the name of the cigar’s brand and sometimes the name of the cigar. Of course, there are special bands made especially for the limited or the regional editions. However, have you ever wondered what the purpose of the bands is or which was the first cigar with a band?
Well, I can assume that the purpose of the band is to easily identify the brand of a cigar. However, there is the second possibility, which is that the cigars will look better with a band putted. The bands usually have eye- catching colors, like the colors of cuban cigars. Many brands are using colors as red, silver or golden. These colors are extremely attractive and when people see them they are extremely tempted by the cigars, so you can say that it is a marketing strategy.
Now, another question is when the bands had first appeared? Who was the first person that thought at putting bands on cigars? For these questions there are three different versions. You will decide alone which version is more credible.
Catherine the Great, a Russian Tsarina is said to be the first person that created the bands. It is said that she was a huge aficionado and because she didn’t want to have burns or ash on her fingers she demanded a ribbon made from silk. Yet, this story was very soon dissolved by the torcedors from Cuba. They said that a person that was living so far away from Cuba could not create something that later would have such a powerful influence upon the popular Cuban cigars. They said that this is only a story for kids. So, nobody knows the truth at this first version.
The second version implies the gentlemen from Britain. Those people who were wearing only white clothes. In their attempt of not staining the clothes with ash they demanded a paper ring to be putted on the cigars. So, as a following people from Cuba decided that it is better to spend $5 more in order to make those paper rings then remaining without clients for their cigars. Or maybe they really wanted to protect the clothes of those gentlemen? Well, I don’t think so.
Yet, this is another version that was pretty soon dissolved by the Cuban torcedors. They don’t buy this story because this means that they are admitting that the cigars made by them were dirty, too oily and treated with chemicals.
Now, the final version of how the cuban cigars’ histories bands appeared. Gustave Bock was a cigar manufactured, of Dutch nationality. This business man wanted to deliver cigars in Europe and because he wanted that his brand to be recognized by others he ordered paper rings to be putted on the cigars. Thus, all Cuban brands started to put paper rings on their cigars in order to gain popularity. This thing happened back in 1830, and apparently this is the most credible version of how cigars’ bands had appeared.

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