Limited and Regional Editions of Cuban cigars

Robin Yep September 3, 2014
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The finest organization that is selling globally premium cigars is Habanos S.A, without a doubt. All smokers are aware of this thing. Habanos S.A. is indeed offering the widest and most superb cigars from the market, but they are offering even more than this sizes and shapes of cuban cigars. Many of the cigars produced by Habanos S.A are sold globally. However, this company is also releasing some lines that are in limited editions. Except the limited editions, which are in limited quantities they also have the regional editions that come on the market even in smaller quantities.
Regional Editions or Edicion Regional
The first regional edition was brought to life in 2005. This idea had as purpose the promoting of smaller brands of Cuban cigars. So, the smaller brands that are not enjoying a globally reputation can bring on the market their cigars through regional editions. Within these lines they are promoting the brand about colors of Cuban cigars, and after the cigars are kept in the humidors for a couple of years they are released on the regional market.
At regional editions are participating seventeen local and multi- local brands that are coming from the entire world. This kind of edition is extremely advantageous for Habanos. They put a limit at the number of cigars that will be released during this edition, and all the cigars will remain in the region. After the cigars are released on the market, Habanos has the right to put these cigars into their regular production.
The regional edition cigars can be easily identified by smokers as they usually support two bands. The main band shows the standard production variation, while the second band shows that it is a regional edition release. The second band has two colors: red and silver. In 2005, UK was the sole country that had made an exception of this convention using only one band this is How cuban cigar bands have appeared.
Limited editions or Edicion Limitada
The first limited edition was made almost a decade ago, and the first brand that had a limited edition was Partagas that released the Piramides. Even today, the Partagas Piramides are considered to be the finest cigars of this time.
Habanos tried its best to release on the market something unforgettable. As a following, the first limited edition was a spectacular one, is one of the Best Cuban Cigars. The tobacco leaves of these cigars were matured already and they’ve gone through a mini- fermentation process that last for 25 days. In this process were used higher temperatures than usual. Apparently, the result had gone beyond expectation. The cigars were more than anyone could imagine. The toasted taste, the spectacular dark color of the wrapper and the superb texture of the cigars had gained a lot of appreciation. Those who managed to smoke a Partagas Piramides will never be able to forget the amazing experience that they had while smoking it.
Since the first limited edition had such a great success, Habanos turned this into a tradition. So, almost annually during the Habanos Festival they are announcing or even releasing one or more limited editions.

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