What do you need when going in a trip

Robin Yep September 11, 2014
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If you are a true passionate of Cuban cigars, even when you are going in a trip you will not refuse the chance of enjoying a great cigar. However, every smoker should have with him some necessary items in order to enjoy Limited and Regional Editions of Cuban cigars. Let’s see what things you need when going into a trip.
In the first place you need cigars. Without cigars you will not be able to smoke, so don’t forget the cigars. However, the cigars are quite easy to be harmed if transported inappropriately. So, in this case you need tubes or some plastic bags. There are cigars commercialized straight in tubes, but not all. So, if you don’t have tubes you can take a smaller box with you, where you can put your cigars.
The next thing that you need is a cutter. You cannot cut the cap of the cigars with your teeth this also depends about the sizes and shapes of cuban cigars. Of course, you see this thing quite often in movies, but his method will only ruin your cigar. So, make sure that in your bag you have a cutter. Also, you must take the right cutter for the cigars you have. The ticker cigars are harder to be cut so you will need a bigger cutter.
You also need wood matches or a lighter. The wood matches and the butane lighters are the most appropriate items for lighting a cigar. If you use other things you can destroy the quality of the cigars. The paper matches will offer to your cigar a nasty taste because of the sulfur. So, if you have in your bag some wood matches or butane lighter you will be able to enjoy better your cigars.
Once you are sure that in your bag are all the items mentioned above you can think about the pairing beverage. A cigar is not extremely good without a drink by its side. There are so many options available like the cuban cigar bands. You can take non- alcoholic or alcoholic beverages that will offer your cigars an excellent taste.
Now, these are all the things you need in a trip if you want to enjoy a great cigar. However, there are other things to discuss as the brand of the cigars that you want to take with you and the quantity. These are very important. What is the trip about and how long it will last?
If it is a business trip you will need some imposing and highly qualitative cigars. There are many remarkable and reputable brands of Cuban cigars on the market and different colors of Cuban cigars. You can choose some cigars from those brands. This is for making a spectacular impression upon the other business men that will participate in that trip. However, you will need quite a quantity of cigars with you.
Now, if the trip is for your pleasure you can take with you the cigars that you like most. After all, you want to enjoy your trip so you don’t want to ruin it by taking with you the worst cigars from the market.

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