Bolivar Coronas Gigantes
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Bolivar Coronas Gigantes
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  • Length: 178 mm / 6. 9 inches
  • Ring Gauge: 47
  • Strength: 62.5

  • Box of 25
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  • Bolivar Cigar
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Bolivar Coronas Gigantes is a mellow, rich cigar smell in full body, I accompanied a variety of flavors of rocky soil, leather, such as sand. This is a premium cigar. Acidity and aroma of chocolate in the faint-Coronas Gigantes. Experts, says while there is feeling a variety of by cigar of different types, and there is a smell like precious wood also, such as chocolate like the leather can be seen clearly in Bolivar Cuban cigar all. When I set fire to the first cigar, you'll be able to experience unsurpassed much expected. Boribakoronasu-Gigantes is a hand-rolled cigar. This cigar is testament to the splendor.
Bolivar Coronas Gigantes would have been produced from 1960 or earlier before the cigar industry in Cuba is nationalized . Rorappa to list of reddish color of dark wound in - Coronas Gigantes is made ​​in Honduras . These leaves are plucked from the uppermost part of the tobacco plant . The filler is made of a combination of the tobacco blend of long leaf production of Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic production . Cigar tobacco - Coronas Gigantes are grown in Vuelta Abajo region , and it is considered a Cuban blend the most preferred in that cigar smoking lovers tasted . Winding and this blend has made ​​it a faultless the Coronas - Gigantes . " Bolivar " The brand name comes from the revolutionaries of prominent Latin America, Simon Bolivar . The cigar has the characteristics of strong warrior . ; Robust and powerful . Amount of tobacco notable is grown in various countries around the world , it is brewing , and it is blended . Includes Honduras , the Dominican Republic , as discussed above Brazil , the eastern United States , Cameroon , Mexico , Indonesia , and the Philippines and the country . Word " cigar " is derived from the Mayan word " sikar " is translated as " cigarro " in Spanish eventually , which means cigar . For cigar tobacco , It is said that Luis de Torres and Rodrigo De Jerez has been discovered , a place where the natives are smoking in Hispaniola . Wrapped in large leaves of plantain and twist the leaves of tobacco , they were smoke -scented you exceptional finally . This was transmitted to Cuba spread to islands floating in the Caribbean Sea , Christopher Columbus was settled . Then tobacco has spread to the U.S. and UK and finally , transmitted Spain , Portugal , France , in Italy like wildfire . In addition , it was believed that there is a beneficial effect on the tobacco . According to experts, it is that climate conditions and soil that is most appropriate for tobacco cultivation that are aligned in the Philippines . It is made of a blend of tobacco leaves are grown in appropriate conditions , dried after harvesting , it is aged , fermented cigar . Fermentation process takes place in a state in which it is tightly controlled . How to achieve this process , was discovered by Jose · F · Rocha of JF Rocha cigar factory in the early 1900s . Harvest patents Bolivar was added to our catalog La Havana, Cuba only in Havana in 1921 . This brand is bought by the Cifuentes Y Cia family in 1954 , moved to the Partagas factory in Havana , known as Fransisco Perez German Factory At present , it has been eradicated by the Dominican Republic in the end. Under the leadership of remarkable Cifeuntas, and popular , this brand became brand have been exported all over the world the most . Sales company of the Cuban government-owned in 2002 , Habanos SA has been the proposal of shareholding of this company Altadis. The end of the intense debate , various changes have been brought to the cigar manufacturing . It was one of the things that change , that production in the production line of machine -made or hand-made all of the cigar . Then , Bolivar brand was exported to the U.S. market from Cuba . At the time , Boribashiga of the two brands have been manufactured , one was made ​​in the Dominican Republic Cuba made ​​, and one . Fortunately , because the United States took the embargo against Cuba in February 7, 1962 , cigar production in the Dominican Republic has been imported into the United States .

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