Bolivar Coronas Junior
Bolivar Coronas Junior
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  • Length: 111mm / 4. 3 inches
  • Ring Gauge: 42
  • Strength: Full
  • Duration: 30-45min

  • Box of 25
    $148 $125
  • Bolivar Cigar
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The Bolivar Coronas Junior may be small, but is incredibly strong! Small packages sometimes deliver the strongest punch, and the Bolivar Coronas Junior is true to its identity as a Bolivar. It is strong and intense but not harsh. It is not complex, but is well-rounded and tasteful. This small cigar is premium and hand made, and lives up to the legend of Bolivar while being compact in appearance. The Bolivar Coronas Junior has a length of 111 mm or 4. 3 inches and a ring gauge of 42 It weighs 7. 46 grams. It is presented in a box of 25 consisting of two layers. It is made from the strongest tobacco Cuba has to offer. The Bolivar Coronas Junior is an ideal cigar to smoke when the connoisseur is short on time but does not want to skimp on enjoyment and intensity of flavor. These cigars have a spicy earthiness, creamy and rich with chocolate and coffee aspects. The flavor is bold and pleasing, delicious and delightful. The Bolivar Coronas Junior draws well and burns excellently to satisfy all cigar lovers, and its compact size is especially geared toward minuto fans. The tobacco plant has been considered sacred by the Native people of North and South America for thousands of years. Burning the plant and inhaling the smoke has been central to the sacred ceremonies of the Native populations of various tribes. They believe that the smoke carries their prayers and wishes to the gods. As a plant linked to the sacred and godlike, such enjoyment as that obtained from cigars should be no surprise. When Christopher Columbus brought the tobacco plant back to Europe, it quickly became a means of enjoyment, pleasure and was highly in demand. Even King Edward VII found favor with it to the point of feeling that smoking was beneficial to health and well-being.
He enthusiastically offered cigars to his favorite guests and encouraged them to smoke and enjoy this treat from the New World. Cigars were at the time the perfect means of pleasure for a king and other royalty, and the best cigars continue to be worthy of elite tastes, the taste of those who truly know cigars. Perhaps Columbus should not be remembered as having discovered a part of land, but as having brought to the attention of the European world a true delight which would come to spread to the rest of the world, to be enjoyed in just about every land, from Asia to Africa, from Switzerland to Canada. Even today, many tobacco companies have festivals to honor Christopher Columbus having brought tobacco to Europe and causing it to spread around the world as a timeless pastime of delight. The Bolivar company was first founded by Jose F. Rocha and was registered in Cuba in the year of 1921. The enterprise had the distinction of having produced the world's smallest cigar, called the Delgado, It had a 20 gauge ring. Nowadays, Bolivar cigars are produced by Habanos SA, which is owned the Cuban state. The company is named after Simon Bolivar, who is known as a revolutionary from South America. The Bolivar cigars are hand made and are crafted with the strongest tobacco from Cuba to create a powerful smoking experience. The Bolivar Coronas Junior carries on the tradition of being small, compact, premium and particularly powerful, holding true to the esteemed Bolivar reputation.

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