Bolivar Gold Medal
Bolivar Gold Medal
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  • Length: 126mm / 4.9 inches
  • Ring Gauge: 42
  • Strength: Full
  • Duration: 45min-1hour
  • Aroma: Vegetal

  • Box of 25
  • Bolivar Cigar
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Bolivar Gold medal is one popular line of cigar whose name came under Cervantes and is manufactured by Lonsdale. The cigar length is 165 mm or 6. 4 inches and weight 10. 8 grams. A closer look of Bolivar Gold Medal Cigar showed that it has two bands, which holds the gold foil in its place. The gold foil is the one that makes it stand out. It has a unique taste, which makes it different from other cigar. It has a sweet tobacco flavor couple with the taste of nuts. You usually get to taste lots of roasted nut flavor when you consume halfway of the cigar. A spicy flavor mixed with the nutty flavor is what you get when you are halfway or consumes the middle part of the cigar. The final part delivers a mix flavor of cedar wood and oak with the nutty flavor. However the spicy flavor is no longer present. One cigar takes you around one hour and thirty-five minutes to finish. The Bolivar Gold medal is available in a box which contains 10 cigars and cost just over a hundred dollars. History of Bolivar Cigar Bolivar carries the name of the two brands of most popular premium cigar. One is made in Cuba for the Habanos and another is made in the Dominican Republic. The name Bolivar comes from Simon Bolivar, a South American revolutionary in the year seventeen hundred till eighteen hundred. Among the two, the Cuban made Bolivar cigars are the strongest in taste. Let's take a close look on how it started. This brand was started by Jose F. Rocha although the brand was not yet registered until 1921 in Havana, Cuba under of course its owner's name Jose F. Rocha. At this time they made the smallest cigar measuring only 1. 875 inches with a ring gauge of 20. It was considered the smallest cigar in the whole world at that time. By 1954, the brand was purchased by Cifuente y Cia following the owner's death and the production of the cigars was moved to the Partagas Factory now known as Francisco Perez German factory in Havana, Cuba.
At this time with the new management, Bolivar cigars have gained more popularity not only locally but in the world market and thus, become a major export product. It carries the reputation of being the strongest and most full-bodied cigars in the whole world. By 2002 a lot of changes happen when Altadis purchased a controlling share in this Cuban government owned cigar distributor. One big change was to turn different brands of Cuban Cigars to either all machines made lines or all handmade. Bolivar for one has made different kinds of machine made as well as handmade cigars. In effect a few of their vitolas were cut from the production. It is only the cigarillo-sized Chicos that remains up to this date although there is still a possibility that the production of this cigar will cease. By 2005, Bolivar Gold Medals were made exclusively by the Habanosa SA just for the Wolsters shop in Cologne, Germany. This cigar was ceased in production but fortunately it is revived again and has been in regular production until today. Today, more and more smokers turned to Cuban Bolivar brand maybe because of the success of Royal Corona which has gained a rating of five stogies in September of 2008. The Bolivar cigar is popular with smokers and is considered as one of the strongest cigars that Cuba has ever made. This cigar is elegantly made and is draped in gold foil accented by two regal bands. Below the band is a chocolate colored wrapper. The first few puffs reveal a rich smell of aroma that of black licorice and nuts. The taste is a combination of earth, nuts, spicy and leather all in one. It is interesting to note that the smoke tends to create a bitter taste on the tongue yet the aftertaste is really sweet. So what makes it popular as a bold cigar? Moving on to more puffs, when you are in the middle that is when you discover its strength. The taste of nuts plus the spicy flavor is stronger. This is probably the reason why the world considered Bolivar as a bold cigar. So if you are one of those smokers who are fan with strong cigars then this Bolivar Cigar won't disappoint you. You can read more of the Bolivar Gold Medal reviews online. You will be surprised to read all positive comments regarding the Bolivar Cigar. It is rated four out of five stars when it comes to its appearance, flavor, construction and value. Customers overall rating of the product only shows that this cigar is not only popular but is made with high quality materials delivering a unique taste which most smokers around the world agree. You can buy Bolivar Gold Medal Cigars online. For those who want to try this out, you won't get disappointed; its strong taste definitely will appeal to you. This too is a perfect gift to your friends and love ones. They will surely enjoy the combined taste of bitterness and sweet that is clear in its aftertaste. It does not only appeals to your taste but as well as in your eyes. Its packaging is surely appealing with its gold wrapper and two bands making it look elegant. It definitely stands out from all other brands in the market. The fact that this is considered as a classic cigar, people are more attracted knowing that this has been one of the best cigars in the past. Its revival has made smokers curious whether the product has improved and tasted much better than before. For those who have tried it in the past, they sure will have a way of comparing the product. One important fact is Bolivar Gold Medal cigar is unique in its taste and is definitely worth its cost. So start shopping for one now, and experience for yourself what others have been saying about this cigar.

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