Bolivar Royal Coronas
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Bolivar Royal Coronas
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  • Length: 124 mm / 4. 8 inches
  • Ring Gauge: 50
  • Strength: 100
  • Aroma: 100

  • Box of 25
    $225 $168
  • Bolivar Cigar
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The Bolivar Royal Coronas are handmade state of the art Cuban originated cigars. As royal as their name, the taste of this product speaks for its quality. The intelligent mix of pepper with woody taste of tobacco makes it truly exceptional choice that one would like to make on a hot summer day to relax. We all have smoked cigarettes or cigars on more than one occasion in our lives but smoking a Bolivar Royal is an occasion in itself. The aroma, the silkiness of the flavor, the smooth tobacco, the peppery touch all makes it so easy and soothing to smoke. One quality that this cigar strongly depicts other than its taste is it does not need aging so you can immediately start enjoying it the moment you light it. A cigar if rightly made and carefully picked narrates its lineage and history the moment you light it up. The small crackles, the aromatic smoke, the substance of its weight speaks of its class and that's what happens when you decide to smoke a Bolivar Royal. Widely used as ideal wedding gift in high class marital gatherings, this cigar is considered to be a cherry top on a sugar icing after a good meal. It's peaceful and comforting but at the same time it takes you to another world of luxury from the middle of your fingers. A man who is considered classy is often judged by either his watch or his shoes, but Bolivar Royal Robust Cigars in the hand of a man shows his taste and stature as this cigar carries its royal aura with it which does not need any judgment or introduction. It's downy and creamy smoke makes you want it more and more. The flavors stay light in the beginning captivating your soul completely with the awesome construction and initial sweet, pepper enhanced earthy taste but when you finish off those initial few inhales, there is another world of seventh heaven that opens its flavorful gates for your senses. Almost making you numb with pleasure and satisfaction, the cigar gives you a soothing and relaxing affect that lasts till the end of it. Bolivar Royal Coronas are almost audible cigars as their sight makes you have them. Elegantly packaged in two layers beautifully presentable box not only makes them your choice to smoke but also considered to be ideal gifts for a high class occasions. You have to buy a Bolivar Royal Corona if you want your gift to be appreciated more than others by your loved one

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