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    Cuaba Cigars is a tradition in Cuba. The saying: Burning as a Cuaba has become an innate saying for the Cubans as Cuaba Cigars is one of the few brands to reach until these modern times and has passed from one generation to another. Everywhere you go in Cuba, you would see most of the men on their Cuabas being used either for lighting up their fires or their lights during night-time and for dark areas/lands.

    Combustibility has been one of the main secrets of Cuaba Cigars, and this has also been the very reason its called Cuaba Cigars. Although technically, the word Cuaba originally came from a word of Taino Indian origin meaning special bush used in lighting the Cohiba or Tobacco on the island. As for the taste, for reason of the similar taste, it is often associated with Romeo y Juliette cigars. But, it is unique in sense that it has many flavors and that it is never inclined too much to any particular favor.

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