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    El Rey Del Mundo, which means King of the world in Spanish, is a real king among all Cuban cigars. In fact, it is said to be the most prestigious cigar brand in the whole world. El Rey Del Mundo Cigar is a classic Cuban brand cigar, featuring a harmonious combination of delectable Honduran flavours. A double Corona sized cigar, of impeccable shape and an enchanting middle blend of tobacco, a combination of Honduran, Dominican and Nicaraguan filers, binders and rich oily Sumatra wrappers. El Rey Del Mundo Cigars are the spicy, rich all rolled up the manufacturers of the famous Punch Cigar and Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars.

    El Rey Del Mundo Cigar brand is very finely hand made with a special combination of Honduran, Dominican, Honduran Binders and the Nicaraguan Filler Cigars. They also resemble the very famous Oscuro Wrappers. El Rey Del Mundo Cigar brand has got a mentionable rating of 91 by the world famous Cigar Magazines. Background El Rey Del Mundo Cigar brand is rated very high amongst all known cigar brands. El Rey de Mundo Cigars happen to be around the world since late 19th century. Manufactured by the German language speaker Emilio Ohmstedt, these types of scrumptious cigars usually are separated into a couple of unique brand names. It is produced in Habanos SA, along with the various other El Rey de Mundo cigar brands by Villazon & Co. They also manufactured Don Candido Cigars.

    El Rey de Mundo cigars preserved their popularity with the Cuban Trend, yet few alterations were being thought of. The tastes of smokers changed with the changing times. The particular taste of something light swept the nation, with their names getting changed to Marlboro Lite and Miller Lite. So a majoe decision was taken to manufacture a Honduran Cigar which was light, which will appeal to smokers in the US which may no longer prefer to buy the original Cuban Cigar. Quality-wise El Rey de Mundo cigars have always been perfect since the first day. This traditional cigar is often a staple in several smokers humidors.

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