Partagas Coronas Junior
Partagas Coronas Junior
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  • Length: 117mm / 4.6 inches
  • Ring Gauge: 40
  • Strength: Medium - Full
  • Duration: 30-45 min

  • Box of 15
  • Bolivar Cigar
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The smoking through cigars is an amazing experience and interesting practice done by the smokers. Cigars have always been a hobby and some times, a passion of the classic people. Smoking cigar is considered as high taste of choice. Cigar is tight bundled tobaccos which are constructed in a beautiful way for the smokers and smokers enjoy this for their enjoyment and relaxation. Don Jaime Partagas started manufacturing cigars in 1827 and established this brand in 1845. This brand won three international gold medal awards between 1867 to 1884. This brand is very famous and popular among the smoker all over the world due to its high quality and unique taste which makes it different from all other brands. This is a very old and classical cigar which is among the oldest ones. This brand was started by the Partagas but the ownership went into different hands, instead of that, this brand never let the quality level falls. The name of this brand is from his original owner. This is a very classic and unique brand, which is most popular among the smoker. This Partagas cigar is made from very high quality tobaccos with much care and attention. They are nicely constructed and neatly made into beautiful and appealing cigars. The smooth and neatly constructed cigar, which is packed neatly and cleanly, attracts everyone towards it and one cannot remain without buying such a great quality of cigar. The touch of this cigar makes the smoker feel ecstatic pleasure in hands as well on lips when it comes in lips softly and left its taste and feel behind on the mind of the smoker. It has beautiful strips on it and a brand sticker on the cigar. The length of this Partagas cigar is about 4. 6 inches and the ring gauge is 40. The taste if this cigar is much like woody and the smoke aroma feels like pepper. This cigar is not only made to suck and smoke, but also to enjoy the moments and the feelings fully. The taste of this cigar is very unique and different from the other cigars.
The smoker who is smoking this cigar could feel the pleasurable and pleasing feelings which this cigar could give to the smoker. When a smoker starts smoking this cigar, it has the ability to blow away the smokers mind with its unique and amazing taste and texture of woody chocolaty tobaccos. Those areas where tobaccos are of very good quality and great taste are being in used for the purpose of making cigars for this brand. The cigars are always been so different from the cigarettes, although both are being used for the purpose of smoking and relaxing. But before using the cigars, they need to cut down from the both ends carefully and then lighten up from one end to smoke. Without this act of cutting the cigar, it could not be smoked or used. And then the silky and creamy smoke of cigars make the smoker feels pleasure and happiness in a strange manner. Holding of this cigar in the hands, feels like softy thing between the fingers and then the presence of this cigar in the lips makes the smoker feel more ecstatic and arouser. This is a medium sized cigar with deep and intense taste which makes the smoker feel like smoking the real and classic cigar in the real manner. The price of this cigar is very affordable and costly. One can buy the box of twenty five cigars of this brand in only $133. This is a very reasonable price and this brand is offering a perfect balance between the quality and price of cigar. The cigars of such brands with high quality are not offering such prices and appealing contents of cigars which this brand is offering. Besides this, this cigar is very popular all over the world and people know and buy this everywhere at anytime. This cigar is available at any place and beautiful boxes with different styles are available and being used for this cigar. There are a number of brands of different cigars offering a great variety of cigars but the choice and selection of the proper cigar matters a lot. Like cigars there are varieties of everything, but the point is to select the best one, is Partagas coronas junior. Because it is the oldest and very famous cigar and people trust on this trust due to its consistent high quality production since many years. This brand has gained the trust and popularity over many years of hard work and the maintenance of their quality as well as the price and the beautiful packaging's. In short, this brand of cigar is the best choice for the smokers to keep their classic choice.

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