Partagas de Partagas No 1
Partagas de Partagas No 1
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  • Length: 170mm / 6.6 inches
  • Ring Gauge: 43
  • Strength: Full
  • Duration: 30-45 min

  • Box of 25
    $257 $237
  • Bolivar Cigar
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There are many brands of cigars, but Partagas De Partagas no 1 is one of the oldest and best brands of cigar which has been crafting the tobaccos into cigar forms for people for many years with the consistent quality and standard of tobacco of their cigars. A cigar is that thing which is tightly bundled or rolled of dried tobaccos in a polished and refined form, which is ignited to suck the smoke out of it in mouth. This method of smoking has been in use and a great habbit of people for many centuries. Many brands are being manufacturing cigars with different taste and varieties, but this brand cigar; Partagas De Partagas is very unique in taste and amazing in textures and feelings. The quality of this brand is always so splended and high, and they always prefer best tobaccos.
The cigarettes are always so different from those of cigars, cigars are the sign of classic and definite personality and it gives a classic look to the smoker. Many brands have been manufacturing and producing cigars since many years but this manufacturing brand is one the very oldest and starting brands. This was established by Don Jaime Partagas in 1827 and started this brand in 1845. From 1867 to about 1884, this Partagas brand won three gold medals on the international level for their high quality and brand consistency. This brand is very famous and popular among the smoker all over the world and smokers love to smoke the cigars of this brand and trust on them blindly due to their high quality and unique taste which makes it different from all other brands. The brand was started by the Partagas but the ownership of this quality brand went into different hands, but still this brand never let the quality level of their cigars fall. The brand name was taken from the name of the person who stated this brand in the very first. This is a very beautiful and attractive cigar which attracts everyone especially the cigar lovers. The length of this cigar is about 17 cm or 6. 6 inches, which is slightly larger than normal cigars. As its size is large, so it burns for a long time and a smoker can enjoy the amazing taste and textures of this cigar for a long time, which every smoker wants to have in his cigar. Then the ring gauge is about 43. It comes in different colours, like those of brown and silver which is like a sign for the cigars. The beautiful and fascinating silver and brown covers of this cigars enhances the beauty of it, and then the name of this brand in the form of enchanting band on the cigar makes it even more beautiful and appealing for the smokers. The appearance and structure of this cigar is so beautiful that any smoker and especially the cigar lover would never let it go without smoking this amazing cigar. Then this cigar burns very evenly and smoothly that it takes a long time to burn and let the smoker enjoy each and every part of it slowly. This brand cigar is a wonderful smoke which starts grace fully and finishes the burn very gorgeously. The main taste of this cigar is woody but it contains many side tastes along with the woody taste like in the starting, the leathery taste blasts in the mouth with some white pepper taste along with it. Then after some more puffs, the smell or aroma of the smoke changes to burnt caramel which is very much appealing and makes the smoker feel the taste of cigar and presence of smoke deeply. Leather tastes, caramel notes in some places and white pepper sometimes come in the way of smoking this amazing cigar. But in the end of smoking this cigar, the taste of the cigar changes slightly to some other things like spice and earthy taste which opens a path way for the black pepper in the end instead of white pepper. All these tastes and caramel puffs smoke around the smoker make this cigar a perfect match for the cigar lovers and smokers. The creamy, silky clouds of smoke with the aroma of burnt caramel in it make this cigar even better and unique. This brands; Partagas De Partagas no 1, is not only no 1 by its name but also in the quality and taste textures. This is a one fantastic cigar which every smoker should try at least once, and I can assure that he would love and enjoy the taste which lets the smokers gone crazy in the caramel leathery tastes. Rite from the start of the cigar to the end of it, all the way it is amazing and smokers enjoy and would love to buy more cigars of it. The best way to value and appreciate this brand cigar is to keep it in the smoking corner of the house.

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