Partagas Mille Fleurs
Partagas Mille Fleurs
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  • Length: 129mm / 5.0 inches
  • Ring Gauge: 42
  • Strength: Medium - Full
  • Duration: 20-30 min

  • Box of 25
  • Bolivar Cigar
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Partagas Mille Fleurs brand in the best one among all other brands. This is a very old brand which started in the nineteenth century and is producing the cigar with consistent quality and proper standard. This brand is considered as the most wanted and best brand among the experienced cigar smokers. A cigar is that thing which is tightly bundled or rolled of dried tobaccos in a polished form, which is ignited to suck the smoke out of it in mouth. It is actually refined tobaccos in a polished form. This method of smoking has been in use and in trend for many years or may be centuries. Many brands are being manufacturing cigars for the purpose of serving people and giving them the best quality cigars.
Cigars are very different from the common cigarettes; they need to cut down their ends from both sides before using this cigar. Cigars are far more classical, attractive and appealing than the cigarettes and smokers love to smoke the cigars more. Smokers are always seems to be more interested in smoking cigars than cigarettes. This brand is very old and it was started by the Don Jaime Partagas in 1827. Then the proper establishment and manufacturing process was started in 1845. But when he died, the ownership went to Ramon Cifuentes in 1889 and then the ownership went into many hands but the quality and the maintenance level was never down. This brand won three international gold medal awards from 1867 to about 1884. This is a very old brand and people trust blindly on this brand and they are producing cigars of many varieties and styles, keeping in mind the needs of people. They have brought many innovations in the world of cigars. This brand is like a root for the other brands, and cigar starters. There is no match for this brands, this is an unequalled brand, with the best quality and taste. This is an ideal cigar for the smokers and anyone who smokes this cigar gets high spirits to smoke it more and again. The length of this cigar is about 12. 90 cm or 5. 0 inches. This is an ideal and perfect length of cigar which is fits very perfectly in the hands of the smokers and between the fingers; it makes the smoker feel comfortable and relaxed. The ring gauge of this cigar is 42. The tobaccos for this brand are being collected from the best areas of tobaccos with the best quality. The weight of this cigar is about 8. 46 grams. The wrappers of this cigar is medium brown in colour and the boxes in which they are being placed or packed are so beautifully made. The surface of these cigars is like having some veins on it and it has something that impresses every smoker. The cigar is beautifully crafted and each shift of this cigar is firmly made which clearly show the attention and care by which they are being made. The ash of it is nice and slightly firm which burns very normally; not too fast and not too slow. Then as you lighten up this cigar, in the beginning some earthy notes come up along with creamy and cappuccino coffee touch in it, then as it keep ion burning the leathery notes also arises with some spice in it. In sometime during smoking this cigar, some black pepper touch also come in the mouth but then the leathery taste overcomes again. The vegetal taste is also present there in the cigar while smoking it. Overall impression of this cigar is very beautiful and tasty with medium-sized body and textures. Besides this, the price of this cigar is very reasonable and affordable for every smoker, which is $115 for the box of twenty five cigars. This is a best price for any cigar and smokers would love to buy such best quality cigars with such a best price. This is not easy to keep balance between the quality standard and the price, but this brand has always kept this balance between price and quality. This taste and fragrance of this cigar is so amazing. The clouds of this cigar have an amazing aroma which arouses the smoker in a great way which makes the smoker feel like the best feeling on the face of earth. The round clouds of leathery and creamy aroma of this cigar, which are so silky and smooth that the smoker would love to smoke this cigar again over again just to enjoy the beautiful clouds of smoke of this cigar. In short, this cigar is the best choice and anyone looking for some great cigar should try this and he will surely keep on smoking and will get addictive to this cigar. This, Mille Fleurs cigar, is no less than any brand cigar.

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