Partagas Serie D No 4 Tubos
Partagas Serie D No 4 Tubos
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  • Length: 124mm / 4.8 inches
  • Ring Gauge: 50
  • Strength: Full
  • Duration: 45min-1hour

  • Box of 15
  • Bolivar Cigar
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This Partagas Serie D No 4 Tubos, is one of the oldest brands of the cigar which is very well known and famous for its best quality and taste of the cigars which make all the smokers its lover. This brand is serving the people with the quality cigar by keeping the needs and the wishes of the smoker which every smoker wants to have in his cigar to enjoy his smoking time fully. This manufacturing brand was established by Don Jaime Partagas in 1827 and started this brand in 1845. From 1867 to about 1884, this Partagas brand won three gold medals on the international level for their high quality and brand consistency. This brand is very famous and popular among the smoker all over the world due to its high quality and unique taste which makes it different from all other brands. The brand was started by the Partagas but the ownership of this quality brand went into different hands, but still this brand never let the quality level of their cigars fall. The name of this brand is from his original owner; Partagas. This is a very classic and unique brand, which is most popular among the smoker. The presence of this cigar in someone's' hand make him more classical and even better. This cigar is very comforting for the smokers in the sense that it produces slight feelings of relaxations and makes the smoker feel like being in heaven due to its amazing tastes. It tastes like earthy or peaty notes and it is simply a gorgeous cigar. The touch of the cigar in the hands and the aroma of it, which remains in the hands even after smoking the whole cigar makes the smoker more arouser about the smoking and compels him to have and smoke even more cigar. The touch modality of this cigar between the lips makes the smoker feel like being in his own fantasy world. This cigar could create his own magical world and takes the smoker into it very softly and magically.
The appearance and structure of this brand is very smooth and polished and this cigar in the black colour box or cover seems very much interesting and appealing. The length of this cigar is about 12. 40 cm or 4. 8 inches. This is such an ideal and best length of the cigar which a smoker would die for, and love to smoke. The presence of this cigar in the hand makes the smoker more arouser about the smoking and smoker feel like having a perfect companion in the form of this great and brilliant cigar. The ring gauge of this cigar is about 50. The main and overall taste of this cigar is woody and spicy, present in the same amounts. This cigar is so beautifully constructed giving it a perfect touch, this is a Cubin classic with complete perfection. The woody and spicy taste of this cigar together makes a perfect combination and gives a great blended texture while smoking this cigar. The cover of this cigar is so beautifully made and it seems like the cover is also playing a role in the brilliant textures of the cigar which is making the smoker feel pleasurable like never before. This is simply a great creation of the Partagas brand, which has given the smokers a fantastic and amazing thing to smoke. Then the main thing about this cigar is the price, which is very reasonable and affordable for the smokers. The price for one cigar of this amazing and great brand is about 15 dollars, and you can buy a box of 3 cigars of this brand in about thirty seven dollars. For such an amazing and high quality cigar, this price is nothing. This brand is the best one among all and it has no match, it is an unequalled and unparalleled brand. The round silky, creamy smoke of this cigar makes the smoker feel ecstatic and he would to smoke this cigar again over again. The spicy aroma of this cigar is such an appealing and attraction to the smokers. The boxes in which they are being packed and the boxes of these cigar are so beautifully designed that no smoker could avoid the beauty and attraction of these packaging. And on smoking this cigar, no smoker would want to avoid these heavenly and wonderful cigars, which they can never find anywhere else. The cigars of this brand are available and being smoked all over the world and it can be bought online as well.

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