Partagas Shorts (Box 50)
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Partagas Shorts (Box 50)
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  • Length: 110 mm / 4.4 inches
  • Ring Gauge: 42
  • Strength: Full
  • Duration: 20-30 min

  • Box of 50
    $260 $230
  • Bolivar Cigar
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With bold and spicy opening tones accenting the rich woody base, Partagas Shorts offer a truly satisfying and invigorating smoking experience. One of the most popular selections in the noted Partagas line, Partagas Shorts have all the flavor of a full-sized quality cigar in a modestly-sized package. Rich and full-bodied with a perfect draw, the cigar gives off generous plumes of smoke with very little effort. Partagas Shorts can be enjoyed any time of year, although they are especially suited for enjoyment in the winter months. The perfect complement to fine wines and spirits, Partagas Shorts have an elegance and timeless appeal that make it a modern-day classic.

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