Partagas Shorts
Partagas Shorts
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  • Length: 110 mm / 4.4 inches
  • Ring Gauge: 42
  • Strength: Full
  • Duration: 20-30 min

  • Box of 25
  • Bolivar Cigar
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With bold and spicy opening tones accenting the rich woody base, Partagas Shorts offer a truly satisfying and invigorating smoking experience. One of the most popular selections in the noted Partagas line, Partagas Shorts have all the flavor of a full-sized quality cigar in a modestly-sized package. Rich and full-bodied with a perfect draw, the cigar gives off generous plumes of smoke with very little effort. Partagas Shorts can be enjoyed any time of year, although they are especially suited for enjoyment in the winter months. The perfect complement to fine wines and spirits, Partagas Shorts have an elegance and timeless appeal that make it a modern-day classic.
From the notable Partagas line comes another stellar offering that should make it very clear why the company is the leading name in fine cigars all over the world. Called the Partagas Shorts, these remarkable cigars are a fine example of state-of-the-art craftsmanship in the tobacco industry. Few brands can come close to offering what seems to come so easily for Partagas, and Partagas Shorts does its fair share in upholding the company's formidable legacy. Despite its smaller-than-usual size, Partagas Shorts pack all the flavor of its larger counterparts. Perfectly suited for the cold winter months, this diminutive cigar nevertheless has a flavor range and versatility that makes it a great choice for any other time of the year as well. Called the minuto in the factory where it is made, Partagas Shorts deliver a surprisingly rich and satisfying smoke, with an average total time of 40 minutes. This would be a pretty respectable time for even full-sized cigars, but the fact that a cigar of the Partagas Shorts' size can provide it is nothing short of remarkable. The length of the smoke is not the only thing that Partagas Shorts have going for them. Long smoking times wouldn't count for much if the flavor was nothing to write home about, but Partagas Shorts are worthy of volumes based on the richness and complexity of flavors alone. Long before you even light up, you will already get the feel of a luxury cigar with Partagas Shorts. Featuring the characteristic Partagas wrapper well known to cigar connoisseurs around the world, Partagas Shorts look just as elegant and stylish as they taste. Like all the other cigars in the Partagas line, Shorts are remarkably free of imperfections, which is a hint of the quality and attention to detail that has gone into the manufacturing process. Further assessment of the cigar's exterior reveals that it has a firm touch and solid heft, with a characteristic form resulting from the box-pressed packaging. Take a whiff of it and you will immediately pick up a rich and subtle tobacco aroma that is merely a tempting precursor to the complex flavors still to come. As with most Partagas cigars, the pre-draw of Partagas Shorts is satisfyingly tight, with a decidedly woody bouquet immediately making its presence felt. With very clean edges and meticulous construction, it wasn't surprising to find Partagas Shorts very easy to light, with none of the awkwardness and unevenness of even higher priced brands. Given its somewhat tight draw, the amount of smoke produced by Partagas Shorts is full and very satisfying. The cigar also burns at a nice, slow pace, with a smoothness and consistency that can only come from a truly high quality tobacco product. Self-correcting with no need for touch-ups whatsoever, Partagas Shorts allow you to get done to the business of enjoying a truly fine smoke, without having to struggle with matches or a lighter for several minutes. The flavor of Partagas Shorts alone is worthy of several pages of description. The first draw gives you a powerful and yet subtle range of flavors, with wood tones and spice sharing equal time with your taste buds. Pay close attention to the background, and you will pick up delectable tones that seem to blossom and come together in a rich harmony of flavors. In many fine cigars, the character only becomes fully apparent somewhere between the first third and second third of the smoke. Not so with Partagas Shorts however, and it seems almost too eager to let you know what it is all about. The dominant touch of spice really jumps out at you, although it never gets too powerful or overbearing. In fact, it is this spice quality that makes Partagas Shorts an excellent partner for many fine red wines, brandies, and quality lattes. The second third of the smoke brings even more flavors into the mix, with vanilla, chocolate, and honey vying for equal attention. Unlike many other cigars in which the potent combination of flavors can sometimes become overwhelming, the underpinning of woody tones and the ever present spice makes for a temptingly rich blend that is made all the more remarkable for its subtlety and restraint. A truly world-class example of a fine cigar, Partagas Shorts definitely has a place in any serious connoisseur's collection.

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