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    When you sit down to smoke a cigar named Punch, it means that you are taking part in a portion of history which is made up of legends and has influenced the cigar smokers from both England and Cuba with the art behind the making of cigars by an individual. The taste of this cigar rings true whenever a cigar smoker wants to relax with a cigar called Punch. A Cuban gentleman named Manuel Lopez made the first one of the Punch cigars in Cuba in the year 1840. He called the cigar Punch which was taken from the English puppet show having a bad-tempered character having the same name to make it popular among the cigar smokers in England. The present line of Punch cigars was first made under the supervision of Frank Llaneza, who was a master in the manufacture of Cuban cigars and worked for a company called Villazon located in the Honduras. Since 1969, when it was first exported from Honduras, this cigar has become a premium and leading cigar brand in England. Background Cigar smokers, who believe in their own instincts and do not depend on others to form them, find the bold taste of the full-bodied Punch quite appealing.

    The cigar has a blend of rich tobaccos from Nicaragua, the Honduras and the Dominican Republic with a flavored wrapper leaf grown in Ecuador. The Punch cigars are not suitable for smokers who have just begun smoking cigars. It provides a strong, no-nonsense and straightforward taste which would have made even the surly character in the puppet show with same name smile. The Deluxe variety of the Punch cigars give the discerning and choosy cigar smoker a subtle mixture of tastes which would please him very much. The selection of deluxe cigars includes the cigars called Maduro also. History Though Manuel Lopez made the first cigar called Punch in the Honduras in 1840, the Deluxe variety of the cigar was first brought out in 1990 under the supervision of Frank Llaneza as a competitor to the other premium cigars available in the market to the smokers. The popularity of this cigar has been able to create a group of fans for itself since the time it was introduced in the market.

    The Deluxe variety of the cigar gives a complex taste of different flavors and is made from different types of tobacco leaves from Nicaragua, Honduras and Dominican Republic blended together. The wrapper is from an Ecuadorian tree which was grown from seeds brought from Sumatra.

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