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Augustin Quintero started making the Quintero brand of cigars in the town of Cienfuegos which was also a home to him. He was helped by his brothers in the endeavour. The town of Cienfuegos is situated on the south coast of Cuba very close to the Vuelta Arriba region of Remedios which is famous for tobacco The Quintero brand of cigars does not have its origin in Havana or the region of Vuelta Abajo where the highest amount of tobacco is cultivated in the world. Though the town where they stared making their cigars was not located in the middle of the cigar industry in Cuba, Quintero with the help of his brothers was able to bring out cigars with different sizes by blending the different tobaccos grown in Vuelta Arriba, south of the cigar industry region, whose popularity soon became quite high.

The success of their creation made them decide to establish a factory in Havana from where they could produce the Quintero brand of cigars with the prime tobaccos available in the region of Vuelta Abajo. The best and the finest tobacco in the world is grown in the region of Vuelta Abajo and which was used to produce the Quintero brand of cigars. These cigars were made by hand using fillers made of tobacco leaves which gave the cigar a medium and smooth taste.

History The Quintero brand of cigars is one of those brands which did not originate in the capital city of Cuba i.e. Havana. Augustin Quintero accompanied by four of his brothers founded the factory in coastal town of Cienfuego on the south coast of Cuba and was located on the west side of Pinar Del Rio and below the Vuelta Arriba region which was part of the Remedios area where the main cultivation of tobacco was carried on.

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