Review on Long, dark and handsome

Review by Laurel Jade
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Long, dark and handsome, these are the qualities of Cohiba Lancero which made me fall in love. The flavors were defined, complex, and incredibly enjoyable!


Review on top of the class

Review by Clarence
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I can’t help but agree with my neighboe when he said that Partagas Serie D No 4 is a top of the class cigar. I am definitely putting these in my super cigar collection.


Review on lucky

Review by P. Bohr
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I'm lucky to have found a well-aged Cuban tobacco when I smoked H Upmann No. 2. It is always a pleasure to smoke this fine cigar.


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  • About Us
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  • Athenticity welcomes all cigar lovers with heartiest appreciation. VIP Cuban cigars are now offering the world’s best collections of premium cigar brands through online sales. The company has set prices with the most possible afforded prices for all customers. VIP Cuban cigars have been inaugurated not long before, and it has been a successful journey until now.

The cigar shop has started its journey with a target of providing the world’s best cigars from the finest Cuban tobaccos. Nowadays, it has emerged as one of the top online stores for cigars through an internet service. The store is trying to offer the old tradition of Cuban cigar production. There is no better place than Cuba if you look for old and classy Habanos cigars. All the official distributors from the famous brands have been partnered with VIP Cuban cigars. The main target of VIP Cuban cigar store is to offer best possible cigar brands producing from major countries, especially from Cuba.

Selling quality cigars with exciting offers have been another integral part of its services. The online cigar store has made visions with possible realistic chances, and the staffs behind this project have been working extremely hard to satisfy customers in all sorts of way. All customers are handled equally and efficiently so that they can offer positive reviews amongst the potential clients in the future. The ethical business strategies have certainly motivated the VIP Cuban cigars to continue their journey no matter what sort of difficulty they face in each day.

VIP Cuban Cigars offer top most priority in all possible aspects. This premium online cigar store has been specifically focusing on customers’ satisfaction. Absolute customer’s satisfaction is the prime feature for VIP Cuban Cigars. We guarantee authentic Cuban cigars, and we also assure all customers with secured delivery systems worldwide. We don’t disclose any of our customer’s information, and we always maintain the major privacy aspects. We also assure 100% online purchase safety amongst all customers around the world, and we have a secured technical team who work on secure method of payment.

We have also been offered with premium cigar brands with their certification to prove our authentication. Our cigar store also offer Cuban cigars of premium quality, and these cigars are imported directly from Habanos, Cuba. We also claim to be one of those few online cigar stores with original certification of importing Cigars from Habanos. Therefore, we can assure absolute authenticity to all customers, and we can offer all sorts of information to make as trusted clients. VIP Cuban Cigars has also guaranteed the best shopping experience through online, and there will be absolute hassle free purchase experience of branded cigars.

We have the best customer care team whose are ready to help clients regarding products information. You can easily contact via email or call into Toll free number in any of the business days. We also guarantee the world class delivery system, and all clients will get their products within estimated days. We also repay out customers if they don’t their products in case of an emergency situation.

VIP Cuban cigars have always focused on unique features. The motto of this premium cigar store is to create an absolute delight in terms of offering cigars with its associated services. The store has been quite successful to confine their rules and regulations with the utmost professionalism. Money back guarantee is offering with different conditions, and it is unique comparing with relative online stores on the web. We always contact with the manufacturing companies of handmade cigars, and we make sure on every type of cigar has been distributed with its requirement. We verify all features related to cigars like size, shape, flavors, tastes, covers, and associated props before the shipment is made to the store.

We also directly contact with the distributors to confirm the delivery on time. We maintain a professional attitude in every aspect of cigar sales to delivery. We never let customers purchasing duplicate cigars with premium brand names. We check for the authenticity all enlisted brands before shipping to any customer. We have also imposed a trusted delivery system within a required shipping time. The store has also implicated a special customer review system in which all customers are invited to provide their personal reviews in terms of available services. We welcome all sorts of suggestions regarding cigar purchasing policies to the payment system to delivery methods.

The company strongly believes in good relation between service provider and clients. VIP Cuban cigars don’t negotiate with the cigar’s quality, and the store will always go with the best cigars brands for offering the luxury and sophistication of smoking premium cigars.

At VIP Cuban Cigar, we offer a broad collection of super fine and premium quality cigars for the cigar lovers. You can buy any of our cigars online. Our excellence lies in the exquisite taste of the available cigars, the wonderful aroma, distinctive features of the cigars and the genuineness. Our high quality cigar blends come from the best and established manufacturers in the industry that have been practicing the old and traditional techniques of authentic Cuban tobacco histories. We supply the best cigars also from Cuba and other Central America specialists. Anything that you might be looking for, you can find it with us.

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