El Rey del Mundo

El Rey del Mundo
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One of Cuba's oldest brands, El Rey del Mundo was established in 1882. At the time, it was the most expensive and prestigious cigar in the world. While difficult to verify, most accept the common knowledge that El Rey del Mundo was created by German businessman Emilio Ohmstedt, also creator of the famed Sancho Panza cigar.

El Rey del Mundo, or King of the World, came under control of Antonio Allones at the turn of the century to reach world-wide prestige. By 1905 El Rey del Mundo was bought once again by Candido Vega Diaz’s company (Diaz Hermanos y Cia). Diaz is said to be the namesake of Don Candido cigars. Popularity for El Rey del Mundo has continued through the Cuban revolution and remains one of the most celebrated brands made by Habanos S.A. to date.

Often considered a popular entry-level cigar, El Rey del Mundo exhibits a naturally mellow smoking experience. Constructed from ultra-fine fillers, binders, and wrappers grown in the premium Vuelta Abajo region, El Rey del Mundo cigars are still rolled in the same Havana factory since 1905. El Rey del Mundo produces a richly exquisite bouquet of warm spices that can be appreciated by the connoisseur and beginner alike.

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