Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina
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  1. Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro
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Vegas Robaina are premium Habanos or Cuban cigars. They are well known for coming from one of the best tobacco farmers in the world, Don Alejandro Robaina; an accolade given by cigar aficionados everywhere. Today, Don Alejandros legacy is continued by the cigars that bear his name. Fully produced by Habanos S.A., the cigar is made at the former H. Upmann factory in Havana, Cuba. It boasts of a strong popularity, enjoyed no doubt thanks to its continuing the tradition of being a premium cigar. All the leaves are carefully selected to produce the wonderfully balanced, yet strong flavors of the Vegas Robaina. It starts of strong with some bitter notes and creamy smoke with hints of coffee. As you go to the second third, the strength becomes more pronounced and yet still smooth.

Nutty flavors now come up in the smoke. It is a good mix of sweet, earthy and woody elements, providing a thoroughly enjoyable smoke; perfect with a glass of wine or your libation of choice. Produced from the famed Vuelta Abajo region, the Vegas Robaina is characterized as a medium to full bodied cigar. It produces a wonderful flavor of sweet coffee with an earthy aroma. The flavors are bold and full yet smooth. There are hints of spices such as saffron, with some sweet caramel notes. It is a cool smoke, and never harsh, strong yet smooth. Full yet complex. It is truly a wonderful cigar.

History Don Alejandro Robaina was famed for consistently producing the best tobacco in Cuba. In his farm, more than 80% of his leaves were found suitable as wrappers; this was more than twice what his neighbors could accomplish. Don Alejandro Robaina grew up in the tobacco business, and he started his formative years in the famous Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba. As a young man of ten years old, he was already involved in the family business of farming tobacco. After the death of his father in 1950, Don Alejandro Robaina took over operations of the farm and was soon famous for being an exceptional farmer.