Vegas Robaina

Vegas Robaina
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  1. Vegas Robaina Don Alejandro
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One of Cuba’s best kept secrets, Vegas Robaina cigars are a true treat to the diligent cigar smoker. Named after the renowned Alejandro Robaina, these cigars feature some of the best tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region, where Cohiba and Trinidad cigars are also sourced. A considerably younger brand than the rest of the Habanos S.A.’s lineup, Vegas Robaina cigars were released in 1997.

Just who was Alejandro Robaina? Born in 1919, Robaina became somewhat of a Cuban celebrity for his tobacco growing expertise. Alejandro or Don Alejandro farmed in the famous Vuelta Abajo region, growing some of the best tobacco for Cohiba and Trinidad cigars. His yield of quality wrapper is said to have been 80%, significantly higher than the 35% other plantations produced. Due to such success, the Cuban government officially honored him with the Vegas Robaina cigar, grown with his farm's tobaccos and rolled at the H. Upmann factory.

Not only was Don Robainas successful in agriculture, the Vegas Robainas cigar would be as critically acclaimed by fans and aficionados alike. Donned with pure Cuban tobaccos, the Vegas Robainas propounded heavy notes of cream, earth and a peppery spice. An unmatched pairing with an after-dinner scotch or cognac, the Vegas Robainas is sure to please a true lover of Cuban tobacco. Have you heard enough? Order your Vegas Robainas cigars today- buy now!