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Among the finest Cuban cigars, Bolivar earned its namesake after Simon Bolivar, famed general known for liberating modern day Venezuela, Peru, Columbia, and Bolivia from Spanish colonialism. One of the oldest cigar brands, Bolivar cigars first started production in 1901 under the Rocha Cigar Company.

While known as a high-quality cigar, Bolivar was officially sold in 1921 to Menedez,Garcia y Cia. The new owners then moved production to the Partagas Factory in Havana where they are still made today. Before becoming nationalized during the Cuban Revolution, the brand changed hands once more to the famed Cifuentes family, who would later take the Partagas and Bolivar brands to General Cigar company where they are also still sold today.

Much like Simon Bolivar himself, Bolivar cigars are bold, robust, and strong. Still made in the famed Partagas factory, expert rollers craft these Cuban puros to perfection. While certainly not a cigar for novices, the Bolivar has earned scores of 90+ ratings and found its way to the Top 25 Cigars of the Year multiple times.

Often described as a full-bodied adventure, Bolivar cigars exhibit a true Cuban cigar experience. Exuding robust flavors of coffee and rich earth, Bolivar cigars are the perfect after-dinner cigar. Not only are Bolivar cigars crafted by some of the most experienced rollers in the world, they are also available in a wide variety of sizes, figurados, and ring gages to suit any occasion.