Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez
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If you are a beginner in the field of cigar smoking and not yet accustomed to the hard smoking or you are searching for a cigar of medium or mild strength, then your search may end in Juan Lopez range of cigars and you have the best options available too. This one range is known for its best quality of cigars among cigar connoisseurs. Not only the taste but these cigars are so artistically crafted that holding them in your hand or between your lips adds to your style quotient.

The tobacco used for filling these cigars is one of the best and of premium quality. These cigars are highly consistent in quality giving the same fun from first puff to the last. They are made with very tough quality control benchmarks to ensure that the users get the same quality time and again. Background The Juan Lopez range of cigars was first initiated in year 1876 when its creator Juan Lopez Diaz started it with initial brand name of Juan Lopez. Afterwards this passage of time the popularity grew and the real surprising fact is that still today this cigar is made by hand.

Though there are still many who like to smoke this brand but with time and ingress of other brands this variety last lost some of its turf. But despite this fact it is still considered to be a good product to reckon with. Besides the Cuban version, there is also one similar Nicaraguan product which was initially introduces by the cigar manufacturers of Altadis USA Inc as the Nicaraguan Puro.

This particular variety is made fully with the Nicaraguan tobacco and a dark leaf is used to wrap it which also gives it a rich flavour and the taste that in many ways unique. Today, Juan Lopez cigars are one the few handmade varieties available in the market and also one of the best Havana cigar brand. For its special mild flavour, it is very much likes by the cigar smokers nor only from Cuba but all over the world.