Juan Lopez

Juan Lopez
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Unlike most Cuban cigar brands, Juan Lopez cigars are shrouded in mystery. While little is known of its foundings or operations, there are some certifiable truths to the lore of the brand. Around 1876, Juan Lopez Sena, a Spaniard who sought his fortune in Cuba, founded the brand in Havana.

While details from there on drop off, it is a certifiable fact that Lopez ran the company consistently from then until the Cuban Revolution and nationalization of the brand. Also, briefly known as La Flor de Juan Lopez, Juan Lopez cigars have been made with premium Cuban tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region for over a century. The popularity of Juan Lopez was so much that after the Cuban Revolution, a Non-Cuban brand Juan Lopez was spawned by Altadis S.A.

Much like many of its fellow Cuban cousins, Juan Lopez cigars are made by hand in Havana. Despite its popularity dropping off heavily after the revolution, the brand has continued on. While none of the original blends are sold, the portfolio has been siloed into two lines, both born in the 1990s. The true aficionados who seek out Juan Lopez cigars know that a fine cigar comes from years of craftsmanship and the special expertise imparted into them.

Juan Lopez may not carry the same clout as Cohiba but its presence in the Cuban cigar world is palpable. Avidly enjoyed by a loyal following, Juan Lopez cigars are both sophisticated and affordable. Generally in the medium-full range, Juan Lopez cigars are distinctly flavorful and robust. Do you want to join the elite crowd of Juan Lopez? Order yours today and embark on a new path of refinement!