Ramon Allones

Ramon Allones
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When it comes to the cigar business, one can say it’s a family affair. This is certainly true when it came to brothers Ramon and Antonio Allones when they launched the Ramon Allones brand in 1837. Known for their flair, Ramon Allones cigars were among the first brands to use bright, colorful lithographs on their boxes, and also the supposedly first brand to use cigar bands.

The Allones brothers, of no relation to Antionio Allones of El Rey del Mundo, would eventually go on to sell the Ramon Allones cigar brand to the British distributors Hunters & Frankau. While ownership would change frequently for 60 years, the brand eventually came under ownership of the Cifuentes family.

With the Cifuentes at the helm, the brand’s productions were moved to the Partagas Factory, where Ramon Allones cigars are still made today. Although the brand was nationalized in 1960 by the Cuban government, the brand is still hand rolled in Havana today. Like many Cuban legacy brands, Ramon Allones was registered by Altadis S.A. and has even come under success by the guiding hand of A.J. Fernandez.

Much like the Allones brother, the Ramon Allones cigar is bold and flagrantly flavorful. While mostly medium-full bodied, Ramon Allones are often described as a high quality cigar at an affordable price-point. Are you ready for a full blown adventure with the Allones brothers? Order your Ramon Allones cigars today!