Ramon Allones

Ramon Allones
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Offered in several vitolas and lines, Ramon Allones gives medium to full flavored cigar offerings. The colors range from the tan Colorado to the darker Maduro. The initial cold draw gives grassy and earthy tones and on lighting the cigar gives floral tones. The first draw can be strong, but just enough to be enjoyed. The complexity of the cigar reveals itself along the experience of smoking the cigar. The second third of the cigar give of hints of nuts, almonds, coffee, and cocoa. This is a truly enjoyable cigar with lots of good flavor. The last third gives off more of that full bodied flavor, some fruity noted also come out with citrus hints of orange and fruity notes of cherries.

The burn remains razor sharp and any odd burns quickly correct themselves with even draws. Slow and enjoyable draws reveal a very cool smoke with very pleasant aromas. A perfect after dinner cigar, Ramon Allones is a good full flavored cigar which can appeal to those looking for medium to full strength in their smoking experience. Background Ramon Allones is a popular brand enjoyed by many cigar aficionados all over the worlds.

It is known for its regular line of Cuban Cigars as well as the special vitolas they release exclusively to different countries. A rich, complex, yet smooth full flavored cigar, it is a truly enjoyable experience to smoke one of these cigars. Perfect for after dinner smokes. History Cuban cigars are world renowned for the quality of the tobacco leaf as a binder, filler, and wrapper. Thus, these cigars are more popular for being puros, or cigars which are entirely made from one country of origin. The high quality of the tobacco leaf from Cuba makes it possible to consistently produce wonderful cigars with ingredients all from Cuba.