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Fonseca is a premium cigar brand manufactured at two separate places. One is by Habanos SA of Cuba (which is basically a state owned establishment of Cuban government mandated with task of marketing and distribution of tobacco and its products in nation and international markets). The other variety is made by the Manuel Manolo Quesada, a master cigar roller from the Dominican Republic. He is one of the best in art of cigar rolling and the products made by him are considered by many even better than the Cuban products.

The Dominican brand in particular is wrapped in Connecticut wrapper and filled with the premium quality mixture of Dominican filler and nicely flavoured Mexican tobacco leafs. The final product is the great cigar brand known for its creamy, smooth, balanced and enjoyable product which is a fun to smoke in style. The Fonseca brand was started from 1962 and since its inception it made a special place among other cigar brands. The brand is owned by Manuel Quesada, and mainly produced in the Matasa Factory at Santiago. These cigars are known to be mild bodied with medium flavour. The best of the dominical tobacco leaves are first aged in controlled atmosphere in palm tercio. Only after attaining the right fermentation, the cigars are subsequently rolled in the Ecuadorian Connecticut shade broadleaf.

It you are the one looking for a cigar with smooth easy drawing smoke and flavoured aroma and taste, then Fonseca is the brand that you must try once and be sure that you shall be there to be with this brand for long. Fonseca, which was originally made and sold in Cuba for few elite, is now manufactured and sold throughout the world and has the respectable position of one of the most respected cigar brand of all times.