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Guantanamera is a USA based cigar brand. It is owned by Miami, Florida based American company with name M/s Guantanamera Cigars Company. Another version of this brand is also made by the Habanos SA, Cuba. Habanos SA is the

Cuban government controlled business entity responsible for controlling the sales and marketing to tobacco and tobacco based products inside and outside Cuba. This brand has come into being rather late. Though it has been launched and released only in 2002, but in this short period of time the brand has gained substantially in both sales and popularity. It is considered to be the most affordable of the Cuban made cigar brands. This cigar is said to have got its name from the well known Cuban song that stands for Guajira Guantanamera. This song in Spanish refers to the farmer girl from town of Guantanamo. This is one of the most popular folk songs of Cuba which once can hear in practically all of the bars in evening.

There is another variety of this cigar that is manufactured in Miami by the Guantanamera Cigar Company, which is making them using the best quality Nicaraguan Tobacco and then made by hand rolling in Miami. This product is allowed to be sold in America and is like equally by cigar lovers. Though most of the tobacco used in making of cigars in Cuba comes from the region of Vuelta Abajo located in Pinar del Rio, but for making the Guantanamera brand of cigars the tobacco is procured from the Vuelta Arriba region. This is located near central Cuba and a very fertile place for growing premium quality tobacco. These cigars are machine made and filled with this tobacco after fermenting it to desired taste and flavour. These cigars are considered to be mild to medium flavoured.