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Por Larranaga
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Por Larrañaga are fine Cuban Cigars which are perfect for those who are just beginning to appreciate the taste and feel of cigars. They have a mild to medium taste which is very easy on the palate. It has a perfect blend of tobacco which can easily introduce one to the art of smoking a cigar. The tobacco blend gives of a creamy texture while offering different hints and nuances of flavors hinting at the complexity of its taste. This fine cigar is offered at mycigarwebsite.com, where you may take a peek and know more about its offers for the Por Larrañaga cigar. Background Por Larrañaga started in 1834 and is known to be one of the pioneer brands in Cigar history. It is a mild to medium flavoured cigar that is easy to enjoy and great with drinks, coffee or after dinner.

History Por Larrañaga has a rich heritage and is proud to be one of the oldest Cuban brands of cigars available in the market today. It was enjoyed as a fine cigar back then and had a strong following due to its very agreeable taste. Established in 1834 by Ignacio Larrañaga, the brand gained a strong reputation as a very good cigar with a wide offering of premium and regular lines. It was also one of the first brands to go into mechanization as it started to make machine made cigars. One of the more colourful events to add to its rich history was the initial boycott of factory workers due to the usage of machines to replace workers. The dispute was eventually settled and Por Larrañaga continued to make machine made and hand made cigars, with some of the cigars being merely finished by hand. The company continued to perform very well and up to Cuban Revolution, it was the sixth largest Cuban cigar manufacturer.

The Cuban Revolution also served as an important marker in the history of Por Larrañaga. After the revolution, private enterprises, including cigar manufacturers were turned over to the state. This nationalization meant that the entirety of tobacco production would be government run To this effect, the state own Empresa Cubana del Tabaco (or popularly known as Cubatabaco) was formed and it took over the operations of Por Larrañaga. Today, the more popular, government owned firm. Habanos S.A. is in charge of production, distribution, and export of Cuban cigars worldwide, including Por Larrañaga. The brand went through many challenges then, including the adjustments to production and distribution by the government as well as the effect it had on sales due to the trade embargo between Cuba and America.

This had affected the worldwide sales of all Cuban cigar brands, including Por Larrañaga. The embargo not only meant that American investors could not have any hand in any Cuban enterprise, it also meant that Cuban products could not even enter into American soil.