Saint Luis Rey

Saint Luis Rey
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Saint Luis Rey is Habanos, which is full flavored in its strength. The powerful flavor is not overpowering but one which really brings out the taste and character of a strong Cuban cigar. A cold draw immediately reveals the grassy Cuban note with very strong hints of cedar. It gives off plenty of smoke after the being lit and the flavors develop very quickly during the burn. It is a cigar which gives perfect balance in taste and very good flavor and aroma. There are mild spice and gingerbread notes with notes of cocoa and kola nut. Complex yet refined in its flavor, it gives of spice and pepper to go along with its fool woody and leathery flavors. Staying in the humidor for a couple of years mellows out the strength a bit but develops its character even more.

The wrapper is an attractive shade of Colorado brown which gives a gentler appearance to this fine and strong cigar. Background This puro cigar is a very refined but complex and strong smoke. It is unobtrusive and not offensive. But it is strong, smooth and complex in its flavor. The complexities of spice, pepper and cocoa complement the strong flavor of the cigar, giving it as authentic and distinct character. History Saint Luis Rey is a Cuban cigar brand which is relatively young. It originated soon on completion of the IInd World War, in the 1940s which still places it as a brand before the Cuban Revolution. There are many stories about where the name came from. It is said that it took its brand name from the famous play named the Bridge of San Luis Rey, a popular saga of that time. However, the most probable source must the fact that it had derived its name from the name of the San Luis town a popular place near the tobacco growing region of Vuelta Abajo.

Whatever the true story is behind the name of Saint Luis Rey cigars, it is certain that this cigar enjoys a very good following among cigar aficionados. The cigars today have long fillers which are toally made by hand, giving it the label Totalmente a mano , tripa larga. It is a puro cigar, which means that all its tobacco comes from Cuba. The cigars are now made form tobacco gathered from the Vuelta Abajo and Semi Vuelta regions. The cigars are known for their strong, medium to full flavors. To date, the regular production of Saint Luis Ray comes in three handmade vitolas. And in 1999, the Saint Luis Rey marked its cigar production with the release of the Siglo XXI Humidor. In 2009, Saint Luis Rey also released a special edition cigar. Right from the factory, the cigar is in the perfect state of humidity.

But to enjoy it thoroughly, it is recommended that some time be given for the cigar to age properly. Depending ony our liking, aging the cigar inside a humidor can take several weeks, to months, and even years. To understand the full complexity of the cigar, you can buy a humidor of the cigars and give them a try as time goes on.