San Cristobal

San Cristobal
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A cigar named San Cristobal existed in Cuba before the period when the revolution took place in Cuba. The present Cuban cigars which have the same name are not related to the earlier version and are quite different from the old one. The San Cristobal brand of cigars has a variety of flavours which includes both subtle and complex aromas. The flavours can be of smooth and creamy mocha tastes, or the flavour derived from vanilla, toasted nuts and spices. These cigars show beautiful craftsmanship and have lovely and appealing aromas. The dark and smooth cigar is perfectly blended and oily to the touch. The cigar is made with immaculate craftsmanship and the wrapper used with this cigar is a bit rough and gives off the scent of compost and earth.

A beautiful band adorns the Ashton brand of cigars and comes in a box which shows the artistic nature of the manufacturer which takes care of the quality and details of the cigar. The earthy taste and easy flow of air can be felt by drawing on the cigar before lighting it. The cigar gives off thick smoke when it is lit, burning freely while leaving behind ash which is very light and gray in colour. The flavour given by the San Cristobal cigar tastes a bit like pepper at the start but soon becomes smooth and earthy mixed with the taste of chocolate, nuts and coffee. The flavour given out by this cigar is fully enjoyable. The earthy flavour is replaced partly by a sweet smelling flavour and a taste like pepper along with the flavours given off by dark chocolate as you reach the halfway point while smoking a full cigar.

History The Garcia family of Nicaragua started making the San Cristobal cigars by blending aged and rich tobaccos from Nicaragua and hand rolling them. The wrappers used on these cigars are made from Nicaraguan tobacco and are oily and dark. The cigar has strong and complex flavours which are perfectly balanced. The tastes of black cherries, walnuts, espresso coffee and dark chocolate are mixed with the taste of cedar, spice and earth which make up the combined flavours of this cigar. The cigar is immaculately made and a triple cap is used to hold the cigar together. This cigar is made in sizes numbering 9 and despatched in boxes made of cedar in groups of 21 or 22. The San Cristobal cigars were brought into the market in 2007. It is a blend of different kinds of Nicaraguan tobacco leaves, oily and dark wrappers and perfectly aged binders and fillers. The San Cristobal cigars give out a mixture of nuts coffee, cedar, earth and chocolate flavours. Triple caps in the Cuban tradition are used in the construction of these cigars.

San Cristobal was the original name of Havana when the settlers founded it in 1519. All the brands of cigar both old and new which were introduced to the market after 1996 have been named San Cristobal. Each of the four sizes of this brand of cigar has got its name from the front which was used for the defence of San Cristobal when it was the centre of the empire built by the Spanish on the soil of Latin America.