Conditions of Use

You have visited  By doing so, you have agreed to accept the terms and conditions bound in this site. These are applicable to all the orders placed and processed on our site. Any transactions with will be overseen by these stipulations.

Article 1: Terms and Conditions Acceptance

Once the client accomplished the order form on this site and verified the order, this will lead to the full acceptance of the terms and conditions applicable to the agreed contract.

Article 2: Verification of Order and Contract Termination

The website always contains commercial offering in order to advertise particular products. However, this shall not be interpreted as a permanent and legally binding offer. A contract is considered terminated once the order has been verified by

When payments have been verified in agreement with Article 3 of these terms and conditions page, the order is acknowledged by our business website.

Order acceptance usually takes 72 hours or three working days after the orders have been received. Also, we reserve the right to not to acknowledge payment and hence not to verify for any reason, all orders coming from problems with order receipt, product supply as well as delivery completion issues.

Article 3: General Obligations

3.1 Obligations

We undertake all measured after the acceptance of orders by, which means agreeing to selling and delivering the products to the address specified by the clients. In relation, we have the right to place the products with the choice of carrier not later than 10 days as mentioned above. This does not include weekends as well as public holidays. In case that the products are available for shipping earlier than the stipulated date, we will advise clients through phone or email.


3.2 Customer Obligations

Clients are required to clearly indicate all the relevant information such as the address where the product shall be delivered. Clients are to settle all the expenses such as the price of the product and all expenses related to transport and delivery. They are also bound to pay additional fees that may be charged by customs as well as taxes implemented by the country where the products are imported. It must be noted that all the products bought at are not for resale and should serve for personal use alone.


3.3 General Obligations:

We do not sell our products to any person under age 21.

Article 4: Specific Conditions

4.1 Invoices and Price

The price reflected by upon processing your order is definitive. The total price shown on the site includes the price of the items, shipping, handling and packaging costs. It will be reflected in US dollars and any fees stated in a different currency is only for the sole purpose of estimation.


4.2 Transports and Delivery Schedule

The orders will be delivered to the address provided within 15 to 30 days. The time frame of delivery given by depends on the country where the products are to be delivered.

In instances where delivery is made with nobody at the given address to accept the item, a note will be left by the carrier indicating unsuccessful delivery. In such cases, the customer should go to the location indicated by the carrier so that the order will be recovered. will not be held responsible to any kind of deterioration in the items ordered resulting to the clients’ failure to recover the package on time.

The shipping time frame is considered as the time we ship the items from the warehouse to its appropriate destination. Please be aware that we are not liable for additional time in Customs and other offices.


4.3 Risks in Transfer is responsible for the delivery of the product to the customer


4.4 Receipt Qualifications/ Returns/ Exchange and Reimbursement

If the client is not satisfied with the product once received, we need the client to contact us within the next 7 days after receiving the cigars. At least 95% of the product must be returned in good conditions back to our warehouse. We will proceed either with a reship of another cigar box or if preferred by the client with a refund. If the package is returned to our warehouse, the re-shipment fee is 30 USD per cigar box ordered and must be paid in advance of reshipment.


4.5 Guarantee assures that our items are authentic and they have passed all the necessary measures to make sure they matches the details that are provided in the website on the time the order was processed. We guarantee our products have exceptional freshness and quality. This is the only warranty and assurance that we have and no other will be given whether implied or expressed.


4.6 Conditions and Liabilities

The clients are personally liable for their choice of items. They should also be responsible for the storage and conservation of products post delivery. Moreover, we will not be held liable for not complying with the regulations and laws in the area where the items are shipped. At certain events, we are only held responsible for the following:  1) direct damage to clients and 2) the price of the item irrespective of our liability that may be calculated.

All the materials in this site are guarded by the International Copyright law and is not allowed to host and reprint its contents without permission. We do no dot sell our cigar products to those under 21 years old. We require proof of age before shipping orders.


4.7: All payments would be processed through:

NextPay Europe

Duntes Street 23a

Riga, LV-1055



4.8. Contact information

If you have any questions regarding your products and services please contact our customer service support via email [email protected]. We will try to respond within next 48 hours.


Swisscubancigars address on terms


4.9. Payment descriptor

*** The charge will appear on your credit card statement as or***

Article 5: Disclosure

5.0 Delivery Policy

The product(s) will be delivered to the address indicated by the buyer within a period of fifteen (15) to thirty (30) days after the order and payment is confirmed. The delivery time given to the Customer by may vary depending on the country involved. Please note that according to US law no Cuban cigars can be shipped into the US.


5.1. Taxes

Clients should be responsible for taxes and duties in their correspondent country and will be held liable for any importation tax payment if raised by the Customs authorities. We are not responsible for extra time held in Customs.

Customers should accommodate to any laws or taxes applicable in their country and will take responsibility of any risks if they exist.


5.2. Obligation of the Customer

The Customer shall clearly indicate the address to which the Products are to be delivered during business hours. The Customer undertakes to pay the stated price of the product, delivery and any other direct or indirect expenses of this order as well as to pay, or have paid, directly to the carrier any additional amount that might arise due to custom duties, value added tax or other taxes due upon import into the country where the products are delivered. All products purchased on our website are for personal use only and not re-sale.


5.3 Return Policy

Please contact us for further information and for returning back instructions.

In case you are not 100% happy with the products or for any reason, you are allowed to return the items and get replacement or refund. The refund is usually offered for defective items, incorrect quantity, wrong product delivered as well as freight damage. The refund is only issued to the credit card used for payments or to the name and address where the money order was remitted. To be eligible for refund we require at least 95% of the items to be returned back to our warehouse within a week (7 days) of delivery. The clients should notify regarding the tracking number of the returned package in two business days. Refunds are processed as soon as we receive the returned items in our warehouse.


5.4 Refund Policy

If the order has been damaged during shipping, customer has to contact customer service representative via email at [email protected] within period of 72 hours of receiving the damaged product and provide clear pictures of the entire product received showing the exact damage. In case the order is being declared as "lost" by a courier we will replace it with a new shipment within period of 10 days or issue a refund. If you don’t receive your shipment after 30 days of shipment notification, please contact us via email and we will proceed with shipment investigation.


5.5 Shipping Policy

Shipping price is 30 USD or its equivalent in other currency. Shipments made via traceable airmail service. Tracking numbers will be provided upon shipment. Depending on the products and amount ordered, there is usually a delay of up to 10 days to provide the tracking number.

Article 6: Invalidity - Force Majeure - Applicable law - Competent Courts

If any one of the clauses of these General Terms and Conditions are, for whatever reason, declared invalid or invalidated for any reason, this will not affect the application or the validity of the other clauses. The clause declared invalid, or invalidated, will be replaced by the disposition closest to that clause.

Neither nor the Customer will be held liable for any failure to perform their obligations as a result of a force majeure beyond their control, including but not limited to the following: war, riot, insurrection, and interruption of transport systems, problems relating to export and import, strikes, lock-out, shortage of Products, fire, earthquakes, storms or floods.

General Terms and Conditions are governed by Hong Kong law. All litigation or disputes between the parties shall be brought only before the competent court in Hong Kong.

International Copyright law protects all material in this Website. It may not be reprinted in any form, or hosted on any Web Site without express permission from