VIPCubanCigars Habanos Wholesale Program

Take note that we have a wholesale program available for our regular customers and cigar aficionados who want to have stocks of authentic Cuban cigars on hand, whenever they need it. We can help you establish your business, whether you are a novice or a veteran already in the cigar wholesale and retail industry, we can help. With a minimum order of wholesale products which are worth 10,000 USD, an amount which is reasonable and competitive in the market and which we can deliver twice a week.


You can give us a call and we will prepare your orders as soon as we receive your payment via bank wire transfer which is a reasonable way of paying for this wholesale plan. As part of this wholesale plan, you will pay a reasonable price for the shipping fees which is computed based on the dimensions and weight of the package that you order and we will refer it based on the real shipping costs in postal services.